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ArkBark Reviews :: Elevated Dog Diners

If you're like me, you've always heard that the elevated dog bowls are beneficial for your dog's digestion. Well...turns out there are many differing opinions out there regarding this notion (but what isn't these days?). Of course, there ARE many other considerations when deciding on your pet's dining experience. To start, let's breakdown the areas where ArkBark can help...


Let's face it...we are busy. Mealtime is a top priority in every household, and for most family members, this time comes around at least 3 times per day. If you have kids...probably more. But what about the 4-legged family members? Whether your pet grazes throughout the day, or chows down a couple times a day, if you don't have a routine and proper meal-time set up, feeding Fido can be a messy (and sometimes stressful) event. If you have multiple pets, there is separating meal-times to avoid aggressive eaters or one dog not getting his turn to eat before the bowl is empty. (Check out our Triple Bowl Diners to help with this!) If you have messy eaters or rambunctious pets, the dog food might end up all over your kitchen floor because Spot pawed the bowl over or played in the water. (We have a cute Placemat for that!) You may have a pup with special diets that include fresh food and dry food, but Lassie likes to keep the food separated. Whatever the case may be, having a solid dog bowl stand can help with securing your pet's food bowls, plus offer single, double, and even triple bowl designs for multiple pets or multiple diets. The ArkBark Elevated Diner collection offers pet bowl stands that include removable food-grade stainless steel bowls. The ease of removing the bowl to clean is a must!


When it comes to design, ArkBark Warehouse has you covered! We partner with Top American Pet Product Designers to ensure that our customers are offered a variety of the latest syles - and your pet's feeding station is no exception! We know that in order to provide your dog or cat with a quality structured Pet Bowl Stand, this becomes a piece of furniture in your home that should not have to be hidden. Our Elevated Dog Diners are constructed with heavy-duty materials that will last for years to come, so these feeding stations should blend seamlessly with the design in your home. Whether you prefer the classic, timeless design like our Regal Elevated Dog Diner or a more modern style such as our minimalist Slate Double Diner, your pet is guaranteed to dine in style and even be a statement piece for your home decor.

  • Outdoor Dining

When the weather is nice, your pup might prefer to eat outside. However, when a food or water bowl is left on the ground, the pests might see an opportunity to treat themselves, as well. Having an Elevated Dog Bowl Stand helps to prevent uninvited guests to your pet's meal time. Not all of our diners are crafted for outside eating, but our contemporary Porchside Double Diner is made in the USA from 100% recycled plastic to withstand all the elements of outdoors while adding a understated minimalist design to your back porch decor. Expert Tip - Bring the Bowls inside at night for a wash and to keep the larger pests from your dog's food.

Did we leave anything out? When benefits has your family experienced with feeding your pet from an elevated food diner? Comment or Email us at sales@arkbarkwarehouse.com for a chance to win a 50% Discount on any of our Single, Double, or Triple Elevated Diners!

For the flip side....

It has been said that elevated dog feeders DO help you pet's posture if he struggles with arthritis or neck strain, but when it comes to digestion, raising your dogs food bowl too high can actually increase his risk for bloating. Of course, there are several studies out there that make the opposite claims, so asking your trusted veterinarian might be the safest route to determining which height is best for your fur baby's meal time. While ArkBark Warehouse is a great resource for modern pet accessory designs, we won't claim to be experts in your dog or cat's health! When choosing the perfect Elevated Dog Diner for your pet, be sure to look at the dog diner size guide in the product images for proper height measurements to help promote healthy eating.